Quick response code is known as QR code.  QR code use for the unique identification of any product. QR code was first developed for automobile industries. QR code has rapidly readability and large storage capacity, QR code become popular in all industries. QR code is made for JAPAN AUTOMOBILE  INDUSTRIES.  QR code is a machine reading optical level .barcode is storage own related information.

QR code four standard encoding mode (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) store data very careful and extension are also used. QR code pure information and rapid readably its famous most comparison of Barcode. We are used QR code any product automobile, information sector, small industries. QR code is read by QR code App for android play store and iOS app store for IPHONE.

QR code was invented by Japanese company DENSO WAVE in 1994. QR code purpose to track vehicles during manufacturing it was design for high-speed component scanning.

Now QR code is used for online payment method. Now day we are using everywhere QR code. Every product has one unique identity. QR code can be used for log into website a page show on computer screen and scan the code and log in website. QR code we are used WI-FI password.

Qr code is also used for the time based one-time password.  Degree verification of college and university some countries are used QR code such as India , china, Mexico etc. video game company are used to QR code for access game such as Fez, Watchdogs etc.

QR code is store more information .QR code design four square rectangles four by two blocks use for store information. QR code consists of black square rectangle arrange square grid with white background. QR code read by an image device like camera. Data will be store in vertical and horizontal.


  1. NUMERIC :-  maximum character uses 7,089 , Bits uses  3 and ½,  passible characters , default encoding is 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,
  2. ALPHANUMERIC : – maximum character 4296 , Bits uses 5 and ½,  passible characters , default encoding ,  0-9 , A-Z(uppercase only) ,space ,$,%, +, – ,*,:
  3. BYTE/BINARY: – maximum character uses 2098, Bits uses 8, passible characters, default encoding is ISO 8859-1.
  4. KANJI/KANA: – maximum character uses 1817, Bits uses 13, passible characters, default encoding is shift JIS X 0208.


QR code is registered trademark and watermark of Dense wave incorporated. Dense wave owns a number of patent on QR technology.

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